jose busy workingJose Enticknap

Starting out as a graphic designer in London, then travelling overseas to work, I eventually found my way into publishing. Many years passed and then one magical  day in 1997 I discovered stained glass, it was love at first break!   Since then  I’ve been crafting glass into decorative and practical items for the home. I live in West Sussex, where the countryside and coastline never stop to inspire me. With my work I try and capture the essence of nature.

I use only the most beautiful glass, from the finest glass-makers. Working with glass is challenging. Each piece has to be cut, ground, wrapped in copper foil and soldered in position. Some of my lamps contain over 300 pieces of glass.

You can see my designs on the gallery page. Contact me if you would like to buy my work or chat about a special commission.

For information on current exhibitions, go to the exhibitions page.